Sunday, 17 June 2018

Old Ramsgate Carnival photos, LL Margate postcards

 The one above was taken in 1968
I think from vehicles and clothes this one is around 1965

With the 2007 Carnival I took a camera, a Pentax dslr, and published the whole content of the camera's SD card to the internet as a series of linked pages - numbered links along the top of each page after you get to the first page this is the link to the photos

I am afraid my cut and paste attitude to the internet relates to having used computers as tools - perhaps misused is a better word, whatever it is, it gets more interesting (to me) as the pages get older.

 I think these two LL postcards would date from the early 1900s.
Someone recently asked me what the numbers on the cards, in both these cases number eleven, means, answers on a postcard?

Back to cameras for a bit, the one I normally carry around in my pocket at the moment is a Nikon Coolpix P90, which if you look on Ebay's sold and completed listings you can see sells for about £30.

The main word I would say that applies to cameras is compromise, size, weight, amount of light you can get in through the lens but for me the main factors are:- Cheap enough to leave lying around, will take photos that you can't take with a mobile phone, fits in my jacket pocket (they are large ones), overall user friendliness. 

I did it again today, left the CD card in the laptop and didn't realise until I looked in the camera, the camera in this case is user friendly and has about 50MB of internal memory, so it stores the last pictures you took. The message is, would you like to move files between internal memory and SD card.

Probably not interesting to anyone else, but the photos I would have lost today which relate to architectural restoration in Canterbury

 On the bookshop front this is the link to the books we put out on Saturday 

Advertising  or just useful information that my local readers want - I don't really know


  1. Hi, I have emailed you with regards to a magazine article about the train stations around Thanet. Could you please email me back at: if at all possible. I really like the fantastic history on this blog and would love to include some! Thanks, Charlene

  2. BusyBourdon I can't find the email, I get a lot so the date you sent it would help, my email address on the sidebar is


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