Wednesday, 13 June 2018

Convents, convalescent homes and Ramsgate, Miles Bar changes hands

Another of the Old Ramsgate pictures I bough on Sunday
Reading the back and noting the 1937 date and trying to make a mental picture of the good old days I don't seem to be getting very far in terms of thinking of something to say about it. 

 A couple of convent ones from the other side of Thanet.

 the new proprietors of Miles have taken possession today and have closed for the day but will be open tomorrow and will continue with a slow sea change, I am looking forward to this. 
Although it's a bit of an acute angle I sometimes go there for breakfast or lunch and sketch the view

This is the link to the photos on my camera card for today

One thing about Ramsgate waterfront is that it changes every day.

On the Pleasurama site it is beginning to look as though they are moving the mountain towards Broadstairs, what that would signify is in the hands of the gods.

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