Tuesday, 26 June 2018

Ramsgate Harbour Gates and Bridge repair a bit of painting from Wetherspoons

I took part of the day off from working in the bookshop today

Lunch at Wetherspoons aka The Royal Victoria Pavilion
Fiddling with railings after Tissot and possibly Esher type of kidney, in watercolour. My requirements for painting are comfortable chair (in this case augmented with inflatable cushion) continuous supply of tea and coffee (pay £1.50 for one and all the rest are free) nearby toilet, view worth trying to paint, good atmosphere (I can't stress the how pleasant and courteous the staff there are enough).

Added to this is the tech side, meaning that I can order and pay for food using the app on my phone.

On to the bridge and harbour gates repair. The word on the street is that they don't have one of the parts for the bridge and everything has had to be delayed because of this.

Engineering hat on for this bit, as I haven't had a chance to ask anyone about it there may be mistakes. Above is one of the mitre gates.

Ramsgate has two sets of lock gates that keep the level of water in the inner basin

1 a pair of mitre or pointing gates

2 a single gate that drops onto the bottom of the harbour when it is open a flap gate.

from when the flap gate was installed, I think in the 1970s the mitre gates have been the emergency backup.

at the moment the mitre gates have been removed and repaired and are in Ramsgate to be reinstalled.

 I take this visit to be for installing the mitre gates and bridge and removing the flap gate.
 Red arrows point to equipment for removing the flap gate and blue arrows equipment for installing the mitre gates
 so one caisson double ended to go up against each side of the flap gate pumped dry to get it out of 
 and one vee shaped diving bell with an access tube at both ends to do the bottom seal and pivots for the mitre gate
 well that's what I make of it looking at the equipment.

Shop assistant hat back on now

This is the link to the books that went out in the bookshop today

here are the links to the content of my camera card, a few near misses there

Link A

Link B


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