Sunday, 24 June 2018

Ramsgate Wetherspoons photos and painting from today, historic Margate and Ramsgate photos

I did a bit more to this watercolour sketch of Ramsgate from Wetherspoons aka The Royal Victoria Pavilion.

I started this sketch from the furthest table around the first floor gallery, painting the view through the window and then they took the table away, they have put it back now, but very recently.

I carried on today from an outside table along the same line of sight

over an late breakfast as an early lunch (served before noon so ordered at 11.45)
The railings are much more difficult than I expected, hence a few goes in felt tip

when the sun moved round I moved to another table also on the line of sight

Ice cream there.

Belgian Cafe aka Green Tara, just popped in for a drink yesterday after work

More photos on my camera card, here is the link  

On to the historic photos
 These first three of Ramsgate were taken in 1903/4
 I am certain of the dates as they come from the main 1904/5 Ramsgate Guide 

 Winter Gardens 1949
 Margate beach 1913
Margate Harbour 1961

Back to art and Ramsgate 

I am sort of working up to a sketch across the harbour, felt tip at the moment, playing about with one side of the harbour entrance being higher than the other and the way you can't go too far along that road.

A few difficult to find local ones I see

Update it's fairly clear this evening and so a few ship on the horizon shots from the cliff in Ramsgate 

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