Tuesday, 5 June 2018

Fishing Smacks, boats and stuff about airport and bookshops.

A few fishing smack and other boat pictures, some of which will probably expand better than others. I thought to pull the pictures to fishing smacks from this computer but the search facility didn't seem to bring up the ones I thought I had.

 The first four are obviously fishing smacks in Ramsgate Harbour
 I'm not really sure what Margate fishing festival was, but pictures of the 1913 one come up occasionally, perhaps the first world war nipped it in the bud.

 Pictures of Margate from around 1900 mostly show barges, you can tell by the rig, I suspect mostly delivering coal

I got diverted into trying to understand the latest Manston stuff yesterday so two links to the books that have gone out in the bookshop so far this week Link 1 Link 2

The Manston conclusion for the moment seems to be that RSP RiverOak wosisname don't have anything near a plan that would qualify for a DCO, don't have the money so what that was all about we may never know.

Here in the bookshop I have started on my task of take the books of the shelves and dealing with the ones that we have had in stock for too long. Some get sold on the internet and the money raised used to buy different ones, some get reduced in price - although so far this time - internet book prices don't seem to have fallen much since I did this last time.

The whole world of shops and online retail is heading for another change I think, we were in a world of falling online prices and I think that has finished, physical book prices tend to be a bit of a weather gauge for everything else; probably because Amazon are the leading online shop and are book based.

This picture of Margate Lifeboat dates from 1906

Writing today's blog, mostly on a Windows 10 computer, which should be the quickest and easiest way, I was very conscious of how like a tablet without a touchscreen the process was, I think I could have done better with an older version of Windows and Word. Well was doing better to be honest, so perhaps I am going to have to get a faster and more powerful computer.

KM Kent Online seem to be the first to report the Manston DCO docs and this is the link to the article 

Of course whether they have understood the thing is another matter, the business of why it probably doesn't qualify on size isn't very cleat and I am not sure my explanation was right either. 

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