Saturday, 16 June 2018

Ramsgate in the park, Margate in the dark, Pleasurama

Ellington Park with a strange shelter wrapped in Edwardian rustic I haven't seen it in this incarnation although the Victorian cast iron thing that may be a mini bandstand perhaps an inverted quarteto - well I ain't so sure.

 Postmarked August 1918 so I think after there was any realistic chance of Ramsgate being bombed WW1 was still going on but "having a nice time, quite a lot of visitors here" suggests Ramsgate has already started on pre post war tourism.

 I would think anything approaching night photography was a novelty in 1905, but who you sent it to and what you say on the back
a moonlight card no less

I am wondering about the significance of moving the mountain closer to the henge, could this perhaps have religious significance to pagans
It is still looking compatible with the most common rumour which is tarmac the Pav end for a funfair, build out the residential on the other end and hope the cliff is OK. The concrete cliff facade there is old 1936? but it seems to be the best constructed apart from the bit near the tunnel entrance which is 1860  and part of that bit has already collapsed.  

I think getting anything to happen there will involve a compromise of some sort.

I stood up on the cliff top trying to work out what is going on there and taking a few pictures of the boats out at sea this is the link to the pictures

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  1. I doubt that I would buy a flat that was slap bang next to a funfair. Could be that if the funfair is a success than it would take over the remainderof the henge as a permant future site. Personally, I'd like that.


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