Wednesday 27 June 2018

Ramsgate to The Tower of London by Train

I was in London today, not much time as getting to the London Bridge, Tower Bridge part of London involves over four hours of travel and I had appointments in London.

I have worked an eight hour day with four hours of commuting, but wouldn't recommend it, I did it on various motorcycles which I enjoyed riding about 100 miles twice a day, but no - I wouldn't recommend it on a train.

It wasn't that bad: air con both ways.

Anyway the train from Ramsgate - you have to be very careful to get the right one - London Bridge mainline station takes you right to

 HMS Belfast
which I sketched with a felt tip over a Sanisbury (just around the corner) sarni
 but "no time" as Linton Quasi Johnson would rap.

The train £24.50 and 2 hours straight to this part of London from Ramsgate, well worth considering food 2 x meal deal @ £3 so £30.50 for a day on the Town - worth considering.

Link to camera card photos

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