Saturday, 23 June 2018

Dear Ada, Dent-de-Lion Garlinge I.o. Thanet in 1907 and a ramble

 Dent-de-Lion gatehouse, a building that dates from around 1400 as the postmark is 1907 photographed before then then.
This is the link to the English Heritage Listing  

My ongoing issues with technology, first it was phone issues, then desktop and laptop well now the car has gone into limp mode, what can you say? I ain't fighting it and went to Canterbury by bus.

I hadn't bargained with the heater being turned on, on the bus, both way - probably the same bus.

When I arrived in Canterbury - in limp mode I went straight into McDonalds and used the technology to order a 99p ice cream - McThingy wiv Dairy Milk; I flopped onto a seat outside and tried to draw
  My felt tip pen had dried up
off to the Beaney, expand anything that catches your eye

They have an exhibition about Ladybird Books

I went on too the art shop and then armed with a brand new felt tip pen to Chocolate cafe

once again expand anything that takes your fancy Ada

Bus drawing is an unusual skill

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