Tuesday, 30 July 2019

Old Ramsgate and Margate photos, Paper Capers at Nice Things, bit of a ramble. recent photos

I'm doing my best to get something up on this blog today, I'm busy at work (Michael's Bookshop in Ramsgate) customers and making more bookcases, busy at home, children on holiday.

Link to the photos for the last couple of days

Lots of local history related stuff in various inboxes, best send me a reminder if you think you should have heard from me.

Bookshop books wise two batches of books since I last posted here are the links

link 1    link 2

 I imagine that a lot of how busy we are is due to BREXIT affecting the value of the pound
It is a very good time for foreign holiday makers to shop in the uk and outright disaster in terms of what you get for the pound if you are going abroad. 

If you go to the bank to get your money changed for your holiday today it's pretty bad. Just over a Euro for a Pound.

 The photos of the Paper Capers exhibition at Nice Things Harbour Street Ramsgate are with the rest, click on the link above.

 This photo is Margate 1913

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