Thursday, 11 July 2019

The leg body problem reoccurs in Dover and King Street Ramsgate in 1974

I used to go to Dover quite a lot until the bookshop "Hooked on Books" closed, I would do a watercolour sketch over lunch, the pen and watercolour one above I did in 2015.

 This very quick one of the church in Dover from the seats outside Wetherspoons.

To be honest since the bookshop in Dover closed there hasn't really been any reason for me to go there. Dover town centre is very like the town centres of Ramsgate and Margate, although not so badly run down on the shop front as they didn't have the Westwood Cross problem so more shops have survived in the town centre and now they have built a new shopping centre in the town.

The infrastructure is in a better state than in Ramsgate, pavements in particular.

Dover is about half an hour from Ramsgate by car, 35 mins by train and about 2 hours by bus, via Canterbury.

I took the inevitable photos while in Dover

Here is the link to the Dover photos 

Regeneration is going a pace in Dover, particularly in terms of creating a much bigger marina
 The latest part of this is a proper lock like the one in Rosie and Jim or on a canal, this allows boats to get into the non tidal bit regardless of the state of the tide.

There was some sort of civil event for special people, probably VIPs going on while we were there.

The main problem Dover has is the noise an air pollution associated with being a major transport hub. Thanet seems to be aiming to reach similar levels of air and sound pollution with an airfreight hub at Manston and god knows what at port of Ramsgate.

We also visited the much reduced in size De Bradelei Wharf 

I have a 28 inch leg 36 inch waist, years ago I had a 28 inch leg an a 32 inch waist, unfortunately most trousers in most places only seem to have trousers for people who are about 7 feet tall. I chatted about this with the woman working there and she said the shortest they get have a 29 inch leg, but as these fit people who are just under 6 feet tall they sell out as soon as they come in.

On to the bookshop and the Thanet Local history
Does anyone remember when Michael's Bookshop was Design and Colour
 I guess the top photo must have been taken in about 1974

These are the King Street pages from the 1974 directory we publish with kind permission from Kelly's Directories

Best is a browse of it in the bookshop here is the link to buy it now wosisname for those who can't.

Work wise here, here is the link

Pictures of the books we put out yesterday 

René Descartes illustration of mind body problem which as you can see is very like the leg body problem, he was famous for discovering the answer to one of the great philosophical problems. "I think therefore I'm confused." Conversely if you don't think you won't be confused.

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