Friday, 14 February 2020

five mystery Thanet photos to get clicking on and a happy Valentine's Day

 1 Do you know what's going on in this picture and where in Thanet? If you do you will know when.

 2 Where in Thanet? If you know what's going on and when I would be surprised
 3 Do you know what this Thanet building was and where it was?

 4 these to pictures show the inside and outside of the same Thanet facility, where was it and what was it?

Sorry about there being no post yesterday I have been busy decorating bedrooms, should have finished 3 out of 4 on Sunday.

Here at Michael's Bookshop where I pretend to work in Ramsgate, a fairly busy day and a lot of books priced and put out

link to the photos of the books

A bit more sketching in Wetherspoons aka Royal Victoria Pavilion ramsgate. Spot the differences?

 If you have people in tow with dietary restrictions
 Wetherspoons is becoming one of the most viable options
 With a great many places you just can't tell who can eat what, strange really.

Chances are if you go out with a group of people you will have some vegetarians, vegans, food allergies, diabetics and so on. Apart from meat, a lot of people need to know what's in their food, and if the can't tell they can't eat it. Then of course there are those of us who just want to know how much saturated fat and sugar

The answers to Wednesday's questions
 Combined Electricity / dust destructor station Princes Road Ramsgate, near the viaduct

Dog & Duck. Westbrook

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