Sunday, 2 February 2020

Do you know the location of these Thanet Sirens?

Question 1 where it Thanet 

 Question 2 where it Thanet 

 Question 3 where it Thanet  

Question 4 where it Thanet 

Question 5 where it Thanet 

Here at Michael's Bookshop where I work we have just published a second book about civil defence sirens.
This book is very much focused on Thanet local history with many pictures of local sirens.

link to the new siren book on our website

link to the previous siren book on our website

sirens started out in Greek mythology as winged harbingers of death (see above pic on old pot, arc.) but somewhere along the line they seem to change into nude women and mermaids. Finally the artistic world got to the surrealist Rene Magritte who sort of reversed the whole thing.

yesterday's answers

 This is the top of Ramsgate Maritime Museum aka The Clock House, Pier Yard Ramsgate

 This is one of the many different entertainment facilities to appear on Granville Marina in Ramsgate jus the Ramsgate side of what was Nero's

 This detail from the picture below shows the demolition of Ramsgate Pier
we publish a book about Ramsgate Pier coming into Michael's bookshop where I work in Ramsgate and having a browse if favorite link for those who can't

I have been beavering away at DIY and decorating the bedrooms in our flat above the bookshop today. It's difficult to read a book while painting a ceiling so I have been experimenting with various read aloud permutations of the Amazon Kindle. I have an up to date Android phone running Android 9 and the kindle app can't achieve reading the Penguin edition of Homer's Odyssey aloud. I also have a brand new Kindle Fire bought yesterday from Argos. All I can say is it does what it says on the tin but in a way you almost wish it didn't. I think most of the problem is the way it formats the epic poem.

 every time the read aloud program gets to one of the strange breaks in the text it produces a silent gap.

 With the Kindle Fire voices being strange and only the American female voice being fairly flowing to start with, this experience is not going well.

Back to work among the ordinary paper books tomorrow

link to the photos of the books we put out Saturday

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