Thursday, 6 February 2020

a few photos, bit of painting, some books

A couple of Thanet weathervanes to identify today


Today's 202nd anniversary of women getting the right to vote, on this day in 1918 women over the age of 30 were given the right to vote. It's important to understand that essentially they got the same rights as men at the time. Well yes I suppose it's not really local history but it is UK history and I think it's important.

My love hate relationship with Amazon Kindle is continuing to develop, this is partly my professional interest as a bookseller with a physical bookshop, selling paper books, partly my interest in technology, but mainly it relates to my concerns about the damage to people's minds/brains because of screen use.

Today the wretched thing lost my place, much more difficult than losing your place in a conventional book. At the moment I am a Kindle novice, so I don't really know what is cause by my deficiencies and what is caused by it being just irritating.

 The bookshop is closed today
 we went to Herne Bay and bought some books, this is the Rose in Herne Bay,

The main thing I notice here is that the town centre hasn't collapsed, most of the shops are still open.
 I took a digital antique of a camera so strange photos
 Lumix FZ-30
 It haz total manual analogue override
 this means I can get strange effects that I can normally only get with a film camera
 although out the car window is probably not the best way to learn to use demanding tec
 It also works to about the standard of a smartphone in ato
this is max zoom at the moon.

Yesterday's answers

 King St Ramsgate
 Corner Of Mill Lane & High St. Margate
 St John's School 1912

Link to the books we put out yesterday

lunch, sketch and food shopping at Quex Barn
 From the sketcher's point of view eating places Quex Barn, where you wait at the door and the take you to a table are difficult. So this one is just through from the shop  into the restaurant, today I stood by the table and a "Is it OK if I sit here." the trick.

Next time I'm there and I see the table empty around lunch I will try to do some more to it.
Food is very good, large and expensive inasmuch as while it is good value for the amount you get, you get too much to eat at lunchtime. I guess it would be OK if we were manual labourers.

Don't get me wrong I'm not criticising Quex Barn in particular, the problem is the same at almost of of the good eating places. In many ways as much of an environmental problem as fossil fuel. You either wind up eating roughly double what is good for you of half of the food goes in the bin.

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