Saturday, 16 May 2020

Do you know old Thanet? and the other stuff.

 Q1 do you recognise this Thanet pub?

 q2 Do you recognise this Thanet venue which is being demolished in the photo?

 Q3 relates of these four photos of Fairyland, once a significant Thanet attraction, do you know where it was?

Sorry about not posting much but I have been busy and have hardly looked at the internet this week, I guess I am expecting a long hall with coronavirus and am setting things up to fit in with that.

I think it fairly unlikely that we will be able to get the bookshop open again until sometime next year, certainly not before October. One of the main problems with a predominantly secondhand bookshop would be buying people's books. Another side of the coin is that we run the bookshop because we like doing so and not because we have to and I don't see turning up at people's houses in some sort of amature PPE as being much fun.

One of the things I am doing at the moment is pursuing my interest in physics and so I am modifying my study so that I can do this better. Unlike most sciences the electronics and electrical side of physics can be done at an ordinary desk, with some minor modifications.

I am particularly interested in anomalies in electromagnetic theory like Faraday's Paradox and in electronics some of the things where the explanation at a quantum level doesn't quite make sense to me.

Answers to my previous post's quiz.

 This is a milkman, Butcher's Dairy, probably Margate

Yesterday's pandemic figures below. Today's are also very bad here is the link it's very hard to know what to say, you can see what the UK should be doing...

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