Friday, 8 May 2020

Do you know your old Thanet Shops another mystery object ? Thursday's answers

 Can you name this Thanet Shop and do you know where it was?

 Can you name any of these Thanet shops? and do you know where they were?

Do you know what this early piece of technology is?

I have been busy doing odd bits of DIY and playing about with electronics, both things I find relaxing and distracting enough to take my mind off the current situation.

When I started playing this game back in the 1960s it was pretty much all valves 

As a sort of mechanic I was spoiled for a bit in around 1970, with state of the art tec in academia

Later in the 1970s industry mostly used stuff like this

Now going over it again, relearning things I had forgotten I am struck by just how difficult it is to learn with the scale of the experimenters kit today.

You can see what's there but not in an easy way in terms of thinking about what's going on.

Wednesday's answers

Man of Kent top of Margate high St

we are still in a very bad way as a country 

Simon Crows latest graph

I think a lot of the problem is that the people in charge have great difficulty following the science, to be honest a month of really strict regulation coupled with a comprehensive testing program and we could get going again.

As it it is a huge amount of people are dying while the economy is falling apart.  

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