Saturday, 9 May 2020

2 mystery photos 1 mystery object, yesterday's answers, today's photos, well nothing much

 Q1 where and what in Thanet

Q2 Where and what in Thanet

Q3 do you know what this mystery object is

Yesterday's answers next

This is a smartphone
I bought this one in about 2007

in March of 2008 I upgraded to an an XDA mini which looked pretty much the same but was much better, at the time I bought it for around £100 secondhand and was paying £7.50 per month for mobile internet.

In the secondhand book business a smartphone was essential even back then, without being able to look up how much books should be it limits the amount you can buy, when out and about.

Of course nowadays everyone has a smartphone, but basically they only do the same thing better.

today's camera roll next, a short walk in Ramsgate.

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