Wednesday, 6 May 2020

Mystery photos, Some sort of Pleasurama Update and other photos

 Q1 what's going on here

Q2 can you name this building?

yesterday's answers
 Cecil Square Margate

York St Ramsgate

and a mystery object for question 3, do you know what it is and can you use one?

I went out for my 30 min exercise and I don't usually bother to publish my camera roll, but eventually it does get sort of interesting.

Well Pleasurama again, what can you say, it certainly amazes me.

As far as I can see the developer has started building the development to the last lot of revised plans.

My understanding is that the current development agreement allows the developer to start developing the apartments before the hotel bginning at the Augusta spares end.

Around the time of the new development agreement in the council started threatening me with legal action even for publishing a link to an Isle of Thanet gazette article which the council had managed to suppress, but part of the detail was in the hyperlink.

I think that main issue is always going to be the cliff face, the cliff wall is around about 80 years old and it's the type of structure that has a life of around about 100 years.

Granted the bit they seem to be building in front is the best bet this is the arched par and as far as I remember was built after a massive cliff collapse in 1937.

The big technicality is lack of a site-specific flood risk assessment, something which I think is going to make it very difficult for people to get mortgages to buy the apartments and get insurance.

Honestly I am quite surprised that they are pursuing the existing plans which are for a rather dated and not terribly well designed structure but at least something is happening.

onto coronavirus with the UK in deep do do

from Simon Crow

Latest C-19 Death Rates by Country
1. This is daily deaths per ten million residents, counting from the day of first reported death
2. Trend is a 7-day moving average.

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