Sunday, 17 May 2020

Do you know your old Thanet pubs? is it 2Q20? What is the mystery object?

 Thanet Pub 1

 Two photos of Thanet Pub 2

Thanet Pub 3

Question 4 what is this mystery item.

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 Hare and Hounds Margate Road Ramsgate

 Demolition of The Granville Ballroom

 Clifton Baths, later The Lido Cliftonville

If you are familiar with modern literary fiction or magic realism or just an avid reader then you are probably familiar with Murakami's 1Q84, a parallel word where things are slightly different to 1984. Just now it seems to me that 2020 has become 2Q20 and I am waiting to wake up in the old normal world. It's not just coronavirus but Boris, Trump, BREXIT, climate change. Today is theoretically Sunday, which should be my day off, perhaps a bit of painting in Canterbury, maybe a bit of time in the Cathedral. As it was I put up a venetian blind in the kitchen, with a sort of feeling that the venetian blind may no exist in 2020, if I return there.

The coronavirus figures

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  1. Really like the pictures, it's only as I mature that I really appreciate history. Enjoyed reading your write up too! Where are your blogs have searched and you are a man of mystery.... hope to see and read more soon


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