Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Low level antisocial behaviour

Back at work after the Easter weekend as you can see the shop window suffered a break during the break click on the picture to enlarge.

I have just had a chance to delve the other blogs and notice Simon on Thanet life also suffering from antisocial behaviour.

I believe that the general level of behaviour in this country from people swearing loudly and obscenely in the street, littering, dog fowling, graffiti to the drunken rowdiness into the early hours of the morning that make living in the town centres so unpleasant, is getting totally out of hand.

One way or another it is a problem that has to be addressed as at the moment the baseline of what many people consider to be acceptable behaviour is falling and this filters through society making behaviour worse at every level.

Now I know that the government are always producing figures showing that crime is decreasing, but I am finding Britain becoming a progressively more unpleasant place to live.

The shop window breakage was caused by a car wheel that was rolled down the hill opposite the shop, from the impact which shook the whole building my main feelings are thank god it didn’t hit anyone as it would have either killed of badly injured them.


  1. The newspapers would readily agree that anti-social behaviour is getting worse but they have a vested interest in bigging these things up - it gives them something to shout about and apparently that sells newspapers. Your shop is on one of the most 'colourful' streets in the SE and I can only imagine how frustrated you must have been to find your window broken.

    But I don't think things have got any worse - I live up the hill from your shop (no, it wasn't me) and, in the main, the local residents are lovely. I have no complaints at all regarding anti-social behaviour.

    Did snotty little boys really doff their caps in respect to all the adults they came across?

    I don't think so - well they didn't 30 years ago.

  2. I am a very responsible cyclist and was quietly making my way home one afternoon when a guy in a souped-up car yelled out of the window at me 'Get off the f***ing road, you c***!! Now, it was 3p.m. so what on earth had got him so riled up? A senior citizen, obeying the rules of the road, peddling along in the gutter.

    Heaven help us if he's our future. He'd been held up for a few seconds at the lights and this is his response.

  3. The behaviour of our leader and his sidekick must be setting an example.

  4. Let's stop talking about it and DO something. Stand up for your rights, don't call the police. Just look at nature to see how it survives. Our current social experiment of delegating to the Police isn't working.

  5. Jean I don’t think I made myself properly clear on this one, I wasn’t thinking of King street in particular, I put the increase in broken shop widows down to 24 hour drinking, I went to Canterbury before the recession and there had been a marked increase in broken shop windows there too.

    I have had considerably more broken shop windows since the 24 hour licensing began that in all my time here before that and I have been trading here for more than 20 years.

    However when customers of mine say things like, “I no longer like to go out in the evening in Broadstairs,” or “I went to Margate and found the atmosphere threatening,” then something needs to be done.

    Less than 5 years ago no one ever said anything like that and frankly if they had I would have laughed at them, now it’s a regular occurrence, it may be that the situation is worsening or it may be peoples perception has changed, either way it’s a problem.

    19.38 I don’t think it is just me people do seem to be losing their rag more and the language does seem more obscene, this may have something to do with social and economic problems at the moment a bit hard to say really.

    10.04 I think taking matters into our own hands is only likely to make things worse.

  6. Michael, the Police can't be everywhere, and they can't deliver justice because they're hampered by the courts!! As you say, the problems are on the increase and idiots are pushing us so hard that sooner or later we will have no option but to defend ourselves. The sooner we start the easier it will be to bring about change.

  7. I've just passed some children aged no more than 10 and they were 'effing' in every sentence. Where does that come from? Their parents? Television? Films?Computer games?

  8. Anon 16:19 Did you explain to them that it's offensive? You can't blame the kids if they've never been taught different. The more people tell them the more likely they are to take notice. To accept it is to condone it.

  9. Michael - I am sorry that your shop was attacked like this but this sort of behaviour is bound to increase as we descend into the morale decline that affected so many great societies of the past (Rome springs to mind) Our PM claims to be a "son of the manse" but obviously he learnt nothing about morality and justice there. The people are weary now of lying politicians - of all colours and I fear a new Mosley will arise soon, promising to alieviate the problems - and the masses will flock to his support. God help us all.

  10. Not so sure about God being able to help either. Have a look at Zeigeist - http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-594683847743189197


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