Thursday, 30 April 2009

Press Release: Austerity for who? - Purnell challenges Cameron

Stephen Ladyman Press Release

James Purnell MP, Labour's Work and Pensions Secretary, commenting on David Cameron's refusal to commit to maintaining child benefit and winter fuel allowances at the same levels as the Government, said:

"David Cameron has one rule for millionaires and another for parents and pensioners. He can promise a tax giveaway for 3,000 millionaires yet now he won't give a "running commentary" on his plans for millions of middle income parents who receive child benefit, nor millions of pensioners who rely on winter fuel allowance to heat their homes.

"When will this game of hide and seek end? This isn't about asking the opposition to make unreasonable commitments, it is about being honest with the British people about their public spending plans.

"Labour's plan for building Britain's future is set out in plain English in our budget. It is time the Tories talked straight. It is dishonest to preach austerity whilst refusing to say who will pay."

Stephen Ladyman MP, said:

“Mr Camerons proposals will hit hundreds of people in my constituency. He should own up to the pensioners who will lose their heating allowance and the families that will lose their tax credits exactly how much worse off they will be and who will be affected.”

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  1. Once more Mr Ladyman the Conservatives I suspect will grind the faces of the relatively poor[such as me].What I am told they will not do is issue us all with i.d. cards and oversee the further erosion of our civil liberties.If to safeguard these I have to endure 5 years of Tory rule I think I must vote for them.After all some people have had to die for these things.Hope your deluded party changes it's mind before it's too late,


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