Thursday, 2 April 2009

Blog Chart

Once again it’s the beginning of the month and I have been looking at my web statistics for this blog the list below shows the number of Absolute Unique Visitors that came here from other blogs. / referral 946 / referral 347 / referral 280 / referral 125 / referral 104 / referral 86 / referral 74 referral 64 / referral 56 / referral 55 / referral 47 / referral 45 / referral 35 / referral 30 / referral 23 / referral 20 / referral 15 / referral 14 / referral 4 / referral 4 / referral 4 / referral 3 / referral 2 / referral 2

A few anomalies to point out I couldn’t find villagevoices our Ken’s blog in the list but there was a blank listing for 64 and I am assuming that it’s him. The other one birchington.blogspot our Simon who for some reason or other doesn’t play the reciprocal latest posts on other blogs game that the rest of us do.

This business with feeds and self-updating illustrated links is something that I have been trying to get over to local government and the local press, it is a relatively new thing, perhaps a little difficult to understand but not that difficult to add to a website.

I should also point out to anyone in business who is feeling the pinch at the moment that a fair amount of new customers come to my bookshop because they have read this blog. It is quite a strange experience meeting people for the first time who already feel they know you quite well, a certain notoriety perhaps.

I should like to thank the 2,337 Absolute Unique Visitors that came her in the last month for putting up with my ramblings.


  1. The_Super_ToupeeApril 02, 2009 3:45 pm

    Not sure I like all this "we know where you come from" hoo-ha.

    I mean, if I want to go looking at Mongolian goat herder websites or "how to speak Russian" pages then come right back here - what blinkin' business is it of anyone elses, eh?!

  2. Super_Toupee it’s the internet you can’t get away from the fact that everything you do on it is traceable back to you something I am always keen to point out to people.

    Every website you visit records you ip address I was able to make my open without a password so that anyone can look at this which is an aspect of the internet that people won don’t run websites don’t often see.

    Click on the link and have a gander it also shows you that the term hits which is often bandied about by people trying to show how busy their website is doesn’t mean anything, yesterday 2188 hits but only 204 visits to the site by 164 different people.

    On the whole web authors are quite secretive about this sort of thing, the best I can do with this blog for those interested is to put a counter on it.

    Another thing you may wish to ponder is which picks up information from other sites so you can read it without visiting them

  3. Sorry about paragraph 2 of my last comment should have read something like, I was able to make my ones open without a password so people who don’t run websites can look at this side of the internet, my excuse is the help I was getting from one of my seven year olds who was using the pc next to me.

  4. Michael if you want to know how to do anything ask one of your kids. Thanks for compiling the figures for us to see whats going on I was surprised with one mention of the church website on twitter people took a look.


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