Friday, 17 April 2009


Thanet district Council press release

Thanet parents are being urged by the council to save money with real nappies with an information day being held later this month. (April)

As part of the 13th annual Real Nappy Week, an open information day is being held at SureStart Millmead Commuity Café on Monday 27 April. Parents, parents to be, friends and family are invited to come along for refreshments and cake anytime between 10am to 2pm.

Advisors will be available to show the huge range of modern washable nappies available and give helpful tips about how to use the nappies, as well as information about the financial and environmental benefits of using washable nappies. Local babies will be modelling a range of the colourful and modern nappies.

Thanet District Council has funded five new "nappy libraries", which will be available for local parents to borrow washable nappies for two weeks to see how they work for them and to help them decide which nappies best suit their babies.

This year, the Real Nappy Week will be concentrating on how parents can save money by using Real Nappies. Parents could save £1,000 by choosing washable nappies over leading disposable brands and there are further savings to be made when nappies are passed down and used again.

Fiona Jarrett, Thanet District Council's Waste and Recycling Education Officer, said: "It is incredible that for every baby in disposable nappies about two tonnes of extra waste is produced, which has to be collected and disposed of. As well as the environmental benefits of using washable nappies there is a considerable financial benefit. They are really easy to use and long lasting and I would urge any parent thinking about using washable nappies to take advantage of our new nappy libraries to help them make an informed choice."

Three billion nappies a year or eight million a day are thrown away in the UK. They are estimated to weigh 690,000 tonnes and 90% end up in landfill.

For more information about washable nappies and the open information day, please contact Fiona Jarrett at Thanet District Council on 01843 577827.


  1. Ever tried living with the nappy-bucket from hell? We did for less than a week. Pampers saved our sanity.

  2. West Cliff GB I have four children including twins I went to the considerable expense of buying terry nappies and lidded bins and stuck it out for about a month with the first child. I am afraid at that point I decided environment or not I had had enough.

  3. Gents I agree with you both. terry nappies are a bit like electric cars, they sift the CO2 elsewhere (to the power stations) Disposable nappies are a godsend to families, and save so much stress

  4. oops, should have spelt it 'shift'

  5. Well it could have been a worse typo Ken


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