Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Press releases from Thanet District Council and Thanet Politicians

With the council press releases though I only put them up because the council don’t seem to have grasped 21st century internet, i.e. the press officers should be able put their press releases directly onto the internet as soon as they release them the council press release pages should have Atom and RSS feeds for pages where they post press releases and if the have the facility for people to comment their should be comment feeds.

The reason that all of this is important is that the receiving of press releases becomes totally automated, people who want them can either subscribe to feeds or they can be used on websites like this to produce links that update, like the recent comments on the sidebar of this blog.

One thing that has happened in the last few days is that the council have started getting their press releases up much more quickly, I don’t really know if is because I have been emailing them about it as the don’t reply to emails about this.

They have actually managed to get the last two press releases they sent me published on their website the day they were published, which is an improvement.

They publish there press releases in two different places on their website here are the two links http://www.thanet.gov.uk/Default.aspx and http://www.thanet.gov.uk/news/latest_press_releases.aspx they only seem to be able to get the photographs they add to appear with their press releases on their homepage from where they vanish very rapidly.

On the occasions when they have sent me the photographs with the press releases they have been very good indeed so presumably someone on the TDC press department has gone to a lot of trouble. It really is a great shame that they only appear on their website as thumbnails and for a very short time.

Obviously we are paying for a lot of good quality photographs of events in Thanet does anyone know where they are going?

I am never really sure how readers of this blog feel about me putting up all the press releases that I do, I had thought of having a separate blog for them but frankly it’s time consuming enough maintaining one main blog.

I certainly think that putting up our national politicians and opposition candidates press releases in the same place is a good idea as makes malicious comment much less likely.

And as members of both sides of the political divide want to read the views of politicians of both sides of the divide I believe this is helpful.

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  1. Crikey all these press releases you publish, I was hoping that you placed on your site in exchange for wonger.

    One thing I noticed in the run up to Sandy's day of reckoning, that TDC press department seemed to be on some sort of bonus scheme, still since then they be quite prolific probably due to the upcoming county elections.

    I dont know whether it shows a bias but of course whilst council officers are quite willing to name and shame members of the public they have completely different standards where yob behaviour emanates from tory councillors


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