Friday, 3 April 2009

Pleasurama Problem

I have recently been trying to get temporary leisure use this summer for the Pleasurama site that has been a building site with no building work happening on it for the last 5 years.

When I got a letter the other day from the chief executive saying that this leisure use had been denied I though I would pursue the matter a little more firmly and answerd back asking some questions about the validity of the planning application.

My questions in blue, the reply from the Director of Regeneration Services in red.

I have been told that as work has started on the access road work is deemed to have started on the development and therefore the consent didn’t expire after five years.

1 Does this mean that planning consent is granted in perpetuity for this development?

I have been told that before work can start on the development a bond has to be placed in a bank account, last time I asked about a month ago and after the five years had expired the bond had not been placed.

2 Does this mean that work has not officially started on the development and therefore planning consent has expired?

3 I gather that SFP as a company would need to have supplied you with a certificate of authenticity for prevention of money laundering purposes does such a certificate exist?

Thankyou for your message. You will be aware that the Chief Executive has asked me to reply because, with the staff, I have personally beeninvolved with this project for some time.

I am sorry that I could not join you and Doug Brown to look over the plans. And the Council does know that you do not personally support theproject. But the development does have a lawful planning consent. Many of the criticisms you raise were included in Mr Young's initial application for Judicial Review in 2007. His application was refused byJudge Kitchen on all grounds.

As I believe I have explained before Thanet is not the highwayauthority. So on matters related to highway design, layout and construction it is dependent on professional advice and the statutory role of Kent County Council. I hope this reply satisfactorily answers your concern. But if not please let me know.


  1. He didn't answer your questions at all!

  2. Jean I am now getting much more cooperation from Richard Samuel click here to see what I mean.

  3. You seem to have pressed the CEO's panic button Michael. Having said that he is "unable to comment", your reference to the Serious Economic Crime Unit has perhaps conferred upon him an ability to do so. I hope that you publish his "fuller reply" on this site.

  4. Crikey, it all seems a bit suspect. I suppose in the 'rush' to get this development off the ground, for the benefit of residents (jobs, of course), TDC have found it necessary to 'prioritise' their resources and certain 'difficult' legalities have been 'downgraded' in the name of 'commercial expediency'.

    Bit like the airport then - years and years of talk, corner cutting and yet still no action.


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