Monday, 13 April 2009

Multiple Murder in Cliftonville?

I have had an unconfirmed report about this and have just spent some considerable time trying to find out if this is true, with no success whatsoever.

Here it is: “I have heard a rumour that there are 4 bodies in the Margate hospital morgue with their throats cut, something to do with a incident in Cliftonville.”

Does anyone know anything about this?

What occurs to me is that one would expect news to appear on the Kent police website as it happens, both so the police could gather information quickly and also so they are seen as engaging with the local community.

Now I am not saying that this rumour is true, but there is also nothing about Good Fridays appalling traffic accident on the police website

In this day and age when anyone with a minimal amount of training can publish directly to the internet I think that much of the public sector is failing to use it to engage with the public in a timely fashion.

Update my research has revealed that this was a serious domestic incident in Ethelbert Rd. head injuries were involved and people are in QEQM hospital but no fatalities have resulted.

Update. An article about this has just appeared on the KM Thanet Extra website click here to read it.


  1. Anything other than a full and factual report only serves to encourage rumour, gossip and speculation. Spare a thought for the family and friends of injured parties rather than satisfying your your own morbid self gratification.

  2. I drove along the front at cliftonville either saturday or friday on way home from work and the place was crawling with police.

    Blue and white tape in front of some of the buildings, didn't like to stop and ask.

  3. What did happen on the hospital road then?

  4. Anon 20:39 - i believe it was a fatal accident involving a child.

  5. The cliftonville issue I was asked not to kog on website till facts became clear two in hospital one in ICU

  6. A nine-year-old boy has died following a collision involving a bicycle and two cars in Kent.

    Police said the crash involving a silver Peugeot and a blue Ford happened at the junction of St Peter's Road and Dane Court Road in Margate.

    Both roads were closed after the accident, which happened at 1115 BST on Saturday, officers said.

    The identity of the boy has not been released. Any witnesses are asked to contact police


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