Thursday, 9 April 2009


Stephen Ladyman Press Release

South Thanet MP Stephen Ladyman has welcomed today’s £15m funding pledge by Labour’s Home Secretary which will keep people safe in their homes.

Burglary has more than halved in the last ten years but the Labour Government is committed to doing more to tackle the crime.

Jacqui Smith has announced a new package of support which includes free burglary prevention advice and a crack down on repeat burglars.

It follows a burglary summit hosted by the Home Secretary in February which brought together representatives from charities, public and private sector organisations to discuss practical measures to keep crime down, backed up by a £20 million fund. Today’s announcement sets out how £15 million of that fund will be spent.

Steve said:

“Being burgled is every homeowners worst nightmare, I know constituents who have been the victims of this crime, it leaves people feeling vulnerable, violated and unsafe in their own homes.

“That is why Labour is committed to driving down the number of people who become victims – both through tackling the repeat offenders and ensuring people are carrying out simple advice which can protect them and their homes.

“This package announced by Labour today includes increasing police operations to ensure repeat burglars are targeted, free advice for homeowners on how to prevent becoming a victim and new £6 million Safer Homes fund. It will pay for local handy-people to visit vulnerable people and ensure they have the latest security devices.

“This is opposed to the Tories who would cut £160million from the Home Office budget - the equivalent of over 3500 fewer police officers across England and Wales.

Notes to editors

1. For more information on the fund visit

2. Anyone who is concerned about burglary can also contact their local neighbourhood police team for information on crime prevention by visiting and using the postcode search facility to find their contact details.

3. To request a burglary prevention advice pack ring 0800 456 1213 from Tuesday 7 April 2009.


  1. excuse me, 'Labour Cracking down on Burglary' ? Oh they are also cutting down on Police numbers. So next year when the conservatives take over crime will go up! Nice political ploy, at OUR expense

  2. Truth is this:

    There has been a myth peddled that 1 in 3 children (or whatever) is raised in poverty.

    Truth is, the traditional robbing-class have no need to steal our consumer durables anymore via burglary or other means.

    Everything yer average trad. burglar used to aspire to is now available at Tesco for £10 or from dole-vouchers!

    I've heard that the best consumer durables are available, via robbing the tax-payer, through MP's expenses.

    They are allowed to choose the item, colour, quality and dimensions prior to the offence being committed.

    Ain't life great?!!

  3. West Cliff GB

    I fear that you have not explored the subtleties of New Labour's crime reduction strategy.

    Happily Rocky is here with an example.

    Local Housing Allowance.

    Caring New Labour poses "Why should benefits claimants suffer the indignity of not being trusted to handle their own money ?"

    There are a couple of oxymorons in there.

    First is that when the taxpayer stumps up money to the claimant to pay rent it is the landlord's money and the claimant is an agent for its delivery ? For the claimant to pocket it instead of paying rent would be theft.

    NO! Not any more. The claimant is now trusted to pay their rent with the money the taxpayer provides. Trusted for two months. After two months rent arrears the landlord can apply to the council to be paid his rent directly.

    And it has been legislated that the claimant pocketing two months local housing allowance is not theft.

    The second oxymoron resides on the juxtaposition between trust and benefits claimant.

    I have cited the example to illustrate New Labour crime reduction strategy.

    Decriminalize crime. Genius. The prisons will be empty in no time.

  4. Cheers Rocky.

    I shall drill deeper.

    The depths are of Jules Verne quality (even Jacques Cousteau methinks!)

    Spits on goggles and dives.

  5. Westcliff GB

    Beware the present surface fog, the unspin of the purveyor of salacious emails. In the depths below there may lurk a bottom dweller with a truly "Cunning plan". It certainly makes Freddie Forsyth very angry, he calls the cunning plan "The creeping Code Napoleon".

    Stage 1 of the cunning plan is well under way. The attack on Magna Carta.

    A small example the Protection from Harassment Act. Note that police are "Empowered" to "Warn".

    Two points arise

    (a) The pre-newlabour principle that the constable is not a judge

    (b) The avoidance of the word "Caution" which carries a right of refusal and to demand trial by peers. IE The prenewlabour Magna Carta right of fair trial.

    Take a spare tank and some sandwiches you could be some time.

  6. As Michael reminds us from time to time children read the blog.

    Check for yourselves youngsters. You may find that your teachers do not know this stuff.

    Coronation ? A ceremony at which the Queen wed her people.

    At Coronation Queen took an oath to become sole fount of justice in mercy.

    The union of monarchy and people forms a body of authority called the Crown.

    The government is our servant not our master.

    The administration of justice is independent of government by Crown Authority. Those involved in it take oaths of office including to well and truly serve the Queen.

    It is this balance of power between Crown and Parliament that ensures that the law is above all and that any person can be held to account at law.

    A constabulary is a collective noun for a group of constables. The office of constable is not to be confused with the rank of constable. All members of a police force hold equal Crown rank. Constable. The rank structure in a police force is for administrative convenience.

    The constable oath of office binds him to treat all as equals and to see no diversity. "With neither fear nor favour with neither malice nor ill will"

    Ask your teachers what proportion of the industrial workforce in Leeds in 1800 was African and Indian. Then ask why you are being told that immigration is a post second World War event requiring so much New Labour legislation and thought policing.

    And when you see people struggling to keep local museums open please see how important that is. Otherwise history is yielded to the censorious monopoly pen of the national curriculum.


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