Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Nethercourt Touring Park

The Nethercourt Touring Park has applied for an extension for campers to use the park from the 7 months to 12 months. I have real concerns over this regarding the safety of my grandchildren playing in a park where there is traffic and transient persons. This park was given to the people and children of the then St Lawrence village for their use. We have already lost the amenities as the Council lease part of the park out, if my grandchild needs to go to the toilet I have to come all the way home instead of the toilets in the park. I also fear that if they can camp for 12months with the modern camping tents/vehicles this could lead to people living there.

Anyway I would just like to bring it to peoples attention as I feel that the little notice outside the park isnt sufficient. If you have concerns/objections please call 577000 and ask for the planning dept. or write to the planning dept at Thanet Council Offices.

Ed This post came by email from reader KIM, as I don’t use the park or have a clear understanding of the situation there I don’t have proper understanding of the subject.

If my memory is correct I believe that the main problem here is that road access to the part of the park used for camping is through the part of the park used to play in.


  1. Are there no toilet facilities in the park Michael its beyond me that the local authorities not just here but everywhere choose to cut back on toilets. As for the use of the park for all year round camping wioth the amount of motor homes on the road and the new ferry service I can see the need. I use a trailer tent and am told most campsites are very well booked for this year I can only assume due to the economic downturn people are staying in this country instead of the Costa's

  2. Most of these sites have a window when they cannot be used as a way of stopping the users becoming resident. If the park is given over to all-year use it'll become 'residential' then there will need to be proper facilities installed.

    Before you know it there will be areas of a public park closed off and bit by bit, the park will be lost like other Thanet parks have been taken over by rugby club/bowling club etc.

  3. This camp site was intended mostly for the large groups of scouts and guides that after the war were very poular low cost holidays,I believe that some scouts lost their lives there when ligtning hit the tent they were in,There is certainly no call for it to be open all year,as during autumn the empty site is lit up like a football pitch,which is a terrible waste of energy,This is the thin end of the wedge to make it a residential site,and there is no call or justification for it to be open longer than six months.

  4. There were only about six caravans and six tents on the site over the four day Easter holiday quite a suprise after seeing on tele that caravan sales were up,no doubt they went somewhere more exciting,

  5. Being a keen astronomer I find the park lighting,blots out the night sky and I am unable to do any studies at all until they go of at 2300hrs.
    To extend the period to the winter months would be a disaster,fortunately there are recently introduced new laws against light pollution
    which gives me a lever to my cause

  6. Sadly none of the above is grounds for the planning department/committee to refuse permission.

    My concern is that if this goes ahead there'll be no camping/caravans sites in Thanet unless anyone can enlighten me. Are there pitches for visitors elsewhere?

  7. click on Saint Pauls Northdown road links section for a list of most of the campsites in the area

  8. anon 15:28 forgive me but isnt this the idea to use them for lesuire ?


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