Thursday, 10 November 2011

Her Majesty the Queen to Meet Tracey Emin During Her Visit to Margate Tomorrow.

I wonder what they will say to each other, perhaps the queen will be adding one of Tracey Emin’s works to the royal collection.

Her Majesty The Queen and Tracey Emin Viewing Auguste Rodin’s “The Kiss” at the Turner Contemporary Margate.  

I won’t be there so I have added a quick sketch of the event.


Media coverage of the royal visit is a bit sparse yet, the only local newspaper that seems to understand hoe to use the internet enough to link up the social networking a bit is the KM Group and this is what they have put together, the page may be a bit slow to open but has video footage and pictures of the visit

After rather letting us down with the publicity about the queen’s visit the council have finally started to tweet about it, see!/ThanetCouncil in fact so excited have they got that they have put some pictures on see

Still nothing on their three tourism sites or their Facebook wall though. 

More videos here

Simon Moores has put up some high quality pictures at

Oddly enough the Turner Contemporary, another organisation that doesn’t seem to have grasped how to use the internet to publicise events that well have been tweeting away today, see!/TCMargate although they seem not to have mastered the visual side of this yet, so no piccies. they have also managed something on facebook see    


  1. I've never seen the main streets of Margate looking so clean as today, with dozens of workers removing every fag butt, stray leaf & weed! Shame that TDC don't just leave it as it is & tell her "I don't know how many times I have to say this, but there's no money!"

  2. Did I read it right, the old queen will be in Margate town tomorrow.

  3. Don, John, this is a tad embarrassing in as much as couldn’t go to the event, but spent much of the day trying to find reasonable coverage of the event that other people had produced. Having done so I embedded it into my blog.

  4. I once had a post embedded in my blog and very painful it was too.


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