Monday, 8 January 2018

Monday and back to work, so Thanet work photos

 Anyone care to put a place and or what is going on in these local work photos?
 Not every hole is intentional
 The chain at the back suggests this is also towing something else.
 This is the link to the work in the bookshop
 I think in terms of taking a very big saw and sawing something in half, this has to be one of the the best, perhaps it's some sort of work-to rule. Or perhaps the man inside has been playing the pipes and will be sawn in half very slowly.
 In this photo the trouser fashion trend is lead by the horse
 I think the men on the right may be inflating the foot of the man on the left
 as part of my ongoing how to post stuff this year here is the link to the photos on a conventional webpage  better worse any ideas
 3 men to push, 2 to supervise, no women involved.
I get the feeling there will be beer later
 or now
 A reflection on shopwork is that although Ramsgate has its problems, I think Canterbury has lost more conventional retail space to non food tangible goods recently.
 although the two signs juxtapositioned are suggestive of a localised problem.
Isn't work supposed to start? Was it this month?


  1. I must first say Happy New Year Michael!!

    Great images as always and I love the full size pages you linked to it makes them come alive. and they seemed to load very fast?

  2. yep seasons wotsisname to you too Don. I think all the social media sites use compression, but if you pay for web hosting you can do it how you like


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