Wednesday, 31 January 2018

Whacky Wednesday with my Wileyfox in Ramsgate

My preparation for spring blogging, which is mostly camera and phone centred is moving on and today I have been playing with my new phone’s camera.

The new budget phone is a Wileyfox swift 2 plus and can be bought new for around £120, I then popped my pay as you go sim card in and off I went.

The camera seems fairly good a phone cameras go, although to be honest judgment will be some time off when I have practiced using it. My plan as spring comes on is to use its camera as a complimentary camera to my conventional cameras.

The controls are very versatile and easy to use, it is very easy to configure it so that unusual settings can be accessed quickly.

So very useful for the blog, because I don’t get the time to edit phots after I have taken them.

My own take is that being fairly literate in the use of a smartphone is now essential and far more important than being able to use a conventional computer. In the most basic terms, if your life goes badly wrong and you come round in hospital the smartphone is your lifeline to, communicating with family and friends, watching TV, listening to the radio and even reading this blog. Gone are the days of turn off your phone and now it’s do you want the wifi code and do you want to borrow a charger. Gone also are the grey headphones and the knob on the wall.

Don’t be fooled into thinking that a smartphone is mainly a telephone, making phone calls is one relatively minor function of a device that can do pretty much anything a computer can do. The cheapest way to get going on this is to by a sim free, or unlocked new smartphone, making absolutely sure that it has either the android of apple operating system in an up to date version. Then choose a cheap well known phone service and get a pay as you go sim card. You put this card into the phone and it connects you to a mobile phone number and the internet. The phone will also go on the internet using wifi in cafés, your home if you have it, supermarkets, bars, etc.

So far with this phone I am getting very good connectivity, hardly any issues when watching TV on it, it’s working well with text and images, doesn’t have bloatware on it, really I can’t fault it.

Here are the photos from lunchtime today, apart from the ones in York Street Gallery which I posted earlier.

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