Thursday, 18 January 2018

A fairly expensive moment in Ramsgate’s Cex Shop and some thoughts on camera’s and technology.

Although I enjoy writing this blog, taking pictures for it and sharing the historic local pictures, it pays its way by advertising my bookshop.

So another secondhand camera today which I hope, once I learn to use it properly, will take some pictures that would be very difficult to take with the camera on a mobile phone.

My day off today so I went off to Herne Bay and bought some books, then had to come back to Ramsgate at lunchtime and so had lunch at Wetherspoons in The Royal Victoria Pavilion here in Ramsgate.

The trouble with buying cameras or for that matter lots of other things, is that you can’t try them out before you buy them. One of the useful exceptions here is the Cex Shops now scattered around the area.

I have to admit that since I bought my first bridge camera last year, a Canon S3 IS I have been fascinated by the whole concept of bridge cameras, so I have been going into camera shops and Cex shops and trying some out.

Up to now, nothing I could reasonably justify gambling the money on looked worthwhile. But today when I tried out a secondhand £75 Nikon Coolpix P90 I decided to give it a try. The worst case scenario is selling it back to them for less.

This is Ramsgate Cemetery from Plains of Waterloo

 Holy Trinity from the same place

Birds over the sea

but this is the main thing I bought it for, a ship on the horizon

If you want some amusement here is what's on the camera card, all taken on auto, as I haven't a clue about the settings yet

For some comparison here are today's shots from the Canon

Sometimes I am just astounded that professional people are so far behind with their technology, one of my customers is retiring which involves moving and asked me about selling their books. Mostly paperback fiction. Have a look at the pictures of the fiction in my bookshop at says I. Then get out your mobile and photograph the spines of what you want to sell and then share the file of photos with me. Honestly I could just as well have been suggesting the engaged in some brain surgery, oh well.  

Here are yesterdays new arrivals in the bookshop

I did do a bit more to my watercolour of the clockhouse while was in Wetherspoons
 mainly these bits

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