Saturday, 27 January 2018

1947 Ramsgate Holiday Guide, a few photos of Canterbury today, bit of painting and a funny RiverOak error.

 First the 1947 guide to Ramsgate, I'm about to change phones again and this one  Moto G Lenovo thingy is very good at copying pages.

Not really light enough for decent photos today so hardly took any in Canterbury today here is the content of the card I went on the old search for somewhere different to sketch from mission.

This really needs to be a café with a decent view from the window and I did find this one 

Cafe wise this is pretty good Tripadvisor link Google link

An hour of panini and painting of this early Victorian town house I will go back and do some more to it.

"RiverOak do not believe that members of the extraordinary council have evidence…" here is the link to their letter  Wading through the RiverOak correspondence that has appeared in the last month is one of the more annoying aspects of having a big investment in Ramsgate, home business children in good school. This is another quote from the 2018 PEIR "in year 20, significant adverse effects have been identified as being likely a result of an increase in noise in the following communities which are in the vicinity of the airport and flight paths: Ramsgate;„  Manston;„  Wade;„  West Stourmouth; and„  Pegwell Bay.„ 1.1.83 In these communities aircraft noise would increase to the point where there would be a perceived change in quality of life for occupants of buildings in these communities or a perceived change in the acoustic character of shared open spaces within these communities." As you can see there is no avoiding what they say they are going to do. It still looks to me as though their airfreight hub would mean me having to move my bookshop to somewhere quiet enough to trade. Anyway the "the extraordinary council" provided a little light relief in what is proving to be a very difficult problem.

I suppose if you are not familiar with councils then and extraordinary council meeting suggests an extraordinary council. I am reminded here about the small girl who was taken to task because the vanishing cream had vanished from her mother's dressing table. The girls reply. "I put it all on me and I still didn't vanish." Well it got her off the hook because it made all the adults laugh. 

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