Monday, 1 January 2018

Happy New Year, Pavilion (with old photos) due to wet bank holiday, resolutions due to date, Margate Elephants

With the internet getting less, what’s the word here? Friendly isn’t it, but something to do with a mixture of the website that was both good and free vanishing, a few bad buying online experiences, well something or another I think I am in fr a busy year.

Just looked at the local Facebook groups they seem to reflect the weather, Ramsgate today, we went to Wetherspoons today, excellent service, food, value, we use it a lot and have found it consistently good, so I was interested to see a Facebook post about how bad it is. Interested but not surprised, it’s a funny old world.

My plan this year is a sort of drift towards more creative art, writing, painting, drawing type of wosisname. All areas where I think I could do with some education, but probably won’t get any.
I have made many resolutions to try to do some oil painting, so another one of those this year, but I think the main thing I need to do on art front is to diversify away from just using watercolour.

 I have got the materials together and am marshalling my wosisnames

I haven't drawn with a pencil for ages, tried over lunch at the Pav and obviously need to practice. The perspective of the however many sided rooms it would be is obviously tricky.

 A pair of interesting versions of the same Edwardian photo here

 Note the railway turntable for the station that used to be on the Pleasurama site

 Of course you can only really moan about a Wetherspoons in the same way you can moan about a Tesco. But then I suppose a lot of this is still related to people learning to use social media,

Back in Edwardian times I expect if you complained about a member of staff in the Pav then they were sacked immediately.

Of course back in the 70s you could complain about the banana in the Pavilion.

For about fifteen years before Wetherspoons there was plenty to complain about.

Lunchtime today with unlimited tea or coffee included came out just over £5 per head. There was no question here of competing businesses would have got the money if Wetherspoons hadn't been there, well we wouldn't have gone out at all.

I think there is a relationship here with the lower price end of the bookshop, particularly for people with children, when you pay for a number of people it's the multiplier that counts.

 Margate next, needless to say no one is complaining about Mechanical Elephant.

 Of course real ones would be another matter
 Bookshop wise we are back to normal tomorrow after the various bank holidays here is the link to the photos of the books that went out Saturday 

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