Saturday, 13 January 2018

1908 Large-Scale maps of Thanet and a bit more on the Manston DCO

Click on the maps to enlarge them, I just clipped them up in the shop and took the photos of them with my phone, so the ones we have printed out are better quality.   
We have done the main six sheets covering The Isle of Thanet selling price £6.99 tubed, the originals were six inches to the mile and that size the text was too small to read easily, we have done them on 42 inch paper so 42 inches or over a metre wide making the scale twelve inches to the mile.

well I did try to align them in blogger

More to come with this post but I need to look at it to see how it displays 

We publish various maps of Ramsgate, but don’t post them as the cost of a cardboard tube strong enough and postage makes them too expensive and difficult to pack.

I have tried various methods of publishing them online and I think my best result was with the 1849 one here is the link

The whole tenuous business of bookshops and local history publishing means that I don’t really know the profit or loss situation with map publishing, it’s a very big printer that uses very expensive cartridges.

I am continuing to look at the Manston DCO documents which have been republished by Barry James in a preview version that is searchable whereas the way the are published on the RSP website means that is only by downloading the whole 500mbs that you can search them.   

I think I smell a rat here in terms of accessibility which may have implications for the validity of this consultation.     

Anyway what I have done is to put the Manston DCO 2018 consultation files on the internet myself in a way that should work better for some people, maybe.

A double left click means the file should open in your browser as a searchable file, there should also be a download link, the whole flodder of files is about half a gig, so think if you have storage or data usage issues.


  1. OK so I downloaded this but I just get a Googledrive menu without content. This is a 2016 MacBook Pro with 256GB storage and doesnt usually have problems. Any ideas, please, Micahel?

  2. I would think that it may work better from the rsp website if you are using a MacBook but the links should open in pretty much any browser, the problem really is that html is the best way to publish websites and to try and make website out of a mass of pdf files is a dog's breakfast.

  3. In Windows, if you right click over the item in the Google Drive which displays for the Manston docs, just select download and you're away. The other link for the 1849 Ramsgate map is great resolution... very legible and clear

  4. This is crazy. If their consultation is to be deemed adequate by the council, RSP have a duty to make the information available to everybody. They've already restricted access to the information by refusing to publish more than a couple of hard copies, so the many, many people who do not have computers cannot view the preliminary environmental information. Now, it seems that the documents they have provided are so large and unwieldy that they are crashing and freezing people's computers and phones. Members of the public are now reformatting RSP's consultation materials to try to make them more accessible to their fellow residents. It doesn't seem as if any thought whatsoever was given to how this information was going to be shared. I do hope TDC will make this point forcefully when they come to submitting their report on the adequacy of consultation. RSP has repeated their failure to inform everybody in a 3km radius of this consultation, and has ignored TDC's recommendation that the length of the consultation should be extended from 4 weeks to 6 weeks. Coupled with the difficulty people are experiencing in accessing the documents, I really can't see this consultation passing any adequacy test.

  5. Dave I think you would be away if there was some sort of index that told you where things were in terms of what part of which pdf file they were in. I also think that starting significant document say 150 pages into one file under another significant document is just bonkers.

    My main objective in sharing the files in this way is so that you can open them in your browser and search them, which you can’t do if you open them from the rsp website. Obviously if you have the space to download half a gig of files and your computer is powerful enough to run them consecutively, then you are away. If not I strongly recommend opening the files, preferably in Chrome browser, which is most compatible and let Google’s great computer run them.

    Cheggers I think it’s a case of TDC wrote to RSP telling them that TDC are the statutory regulator for this type of consultation and recommending that RSP engage in a dialogue with them.

    I think then RSP sent them some emails, but none of them contained a reply or attempted to engage in any sort of dialogue. Having had similar issues with RSP and then looked at the TDC website I can only conclude that TDC had pretty much the same issue with RSP as I did. This boils down to the lights are all on, but no ones home, no office, no pa, no one to sort out the problems with their website as there is no link to email their web team.

  6. I have also added all the files to Dropbox and they can be downloaded here:


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