Monday, 15 January 2018

Manston just grinds on so I have tried to keep stuff diluted with some old local photos.

 I am beginning to wonder if the supporters of the RiverOak airfreight hub at Manston have gone to ground. I have put up a fairly tough fight with the new RSP documents today.
 Love or hate the airport I think it would be hard to find anyone who loves the online documentation, but one way or another I and some others have to read it and try and understand it because it may have such an enormous impact on our lives.

This is a shot of a paragraph in the document

 This is another quote from the 2018 PEIR "in year 20, significant adverse effects have been identified as being likely a result of an increase in noise in the following communities which are in the vicinity of the airport and flight paths: Ramsgate;„  Manston;„  Wade;„  West Stourmouth; and„  Pegwell Bay.„ 1.1.83 In these communities aircraft noise would increase to the point where there would be a perceived change in quality of life for occupants of buildings in these communities or a perceived change in the acoustic character of shared open spaces within these communities."
 The other side of this coin is that there just doesn’t seem to be anyone supporting the RSP DCO wosisname who can publicly and rationally discuss the issues in the new document.  
 RSP say that the Manston site should protected for their freight hub and other places should be built on instead, in some cases they even detail the number of houses. Land to the south of Monkton Street  60 Land at Manston Court Road/Haine Road 225 Land at Summer Road 6 Land at Tothill Street, Minster and The Length at St Nicholas at Wade 275 North of Millenium Way, Bradstairs 223 Shottendane Farm, Margate (comparably to two allocations of 250 homes) South west of Sarre Business Park 15 Manor Road/Canterbury Riad St Nicholas-at-Wade (two sites) 61 Manston Park bungalows 20 Lanthorne Court, Broadstairs 56 Between Manston Road, Preston Road and the solar farm 180 Land off Pudding Lane, Birchington 573 West of Minnis Road 109 Extra land at Manston Court Road/Haine Road 225 Mount Pleasant, Minster Sarre windmill Walters Hill Farm, Monkton Chantry Park, Sarre Sarre Court, Sarre Ridings, Cliftonville Dane Valley Enterprise Centre

This is the link to the books that went out today

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