Tuesday, 9 January 2018

Thanet Figaro Magazine from 1877 followed by a ramble about nitrous oxide abuse, graffiti, the school uniform shop…

First the pages of Thanet Figaro Magazine which should enlarge if clicked on compulsively, many thanks to Richard who sent them to me. 

Found under the floor so wholly, holey, holy, thee who gets most holes gets most magazine, sorrow I didn’t make them.  

My last appointment at Church Hill Dental Practice tomorrow and so with teeth on the mind as it were, as a bookseller this is more a Greene – Tench type of kidney, so actually ether, vultures not seagulls “little idiot heads and dusty serrated wings” oh no, I’m orff; but? Well it was the dental add in the mag which brought this rather sexist cartoon to mind.

Nowadays of course poor old Graham wouldn’t have had to lose a molar for his moment of oblivion, but just pop into the gourmet shop and buy the gas.   

There is a lot of graffiti where I am painting at the moment in Canterbury and as it is local I was wondering if anyone's relations were responsible.

On to out and about the photos won’t be that good as cameras like light so an element of luck is involved particularly on the camera shake front when taking snaps while walking about with a camera that fits comfortably in my pocket, anyway here is what’s on the camera card for today http://www.michaelsbookshop.com/118l/

The most interesting aspect being the temporary closure of the Schoolwear Centre in Harbour Street Ramsgate because of safety issues with the shop building.

Onto the bookshop front and the January sale 

Is/was a shilling a lot for a book? 10/- I don’t know really 5p to 50p sounds less – perhaps, anyway working on my experiments with the bookshop windows and the very cheap end of the books init.

Thoughts from customers would help on this one, all books less than 50p in one window that customers can get into seems to be working. I think perhaps it needs a seat in the window.

I cleaned the glass today, difficult when it’s cold as the water doesn’t evaporate easily so the glass can smear.

For the dedicated followers here are the books that we put out today http://michaelsbookshop.blogspot.co.uk/2018/01/funnybones-in-bookshop.html  

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