Friday, 20 June 2008

China Gateway amended plans for toilet by our well

I have just received the amendments to the China Gateway plans click here to look at them at first glance they seem to completely ignore the environment agency’s recommendations and conditions.

We now have the ludicrous situation where this land on top of our drinking water reservoir has been reclassified as suitable for every type of industry or laboratory and that the developer is insisting that it is perfectly safe for the operators of the site to process their own sewage, chemical and industrial waste, and pour the results into the ground so close to our drinking water well that it would enter our water supply in 51 days.
The only protection we would have is that the operator would be liable to pay for cleaning up the pollution and compensate the families of those poisoned, I wonder how a Chinese company would respond to the litigation.


  1. Makes one despair really doesn't it? Why does no one listen anymore?

  2. The good news is that the EA are still sticking to the line that main sewerage is the bottom line, so to speak! How they are coping with inadeqaute 'run-off' provision is still awaited?

  3. ps. What an appropriate picture!


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