Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Chislet Colliery

You don’t see many pictures of our local coalmine so I was pleased to be allowed to copy this one for us all to share.


  1. Personally I find all these old photos fascinating...

    I didn't know that Thanet ever had a coal mine (is Chislet in Thanet? I thought it was just across 'the border').

    1. My father worked at this coal mine for many years in the 40s 50s and 60s. Of corse he succumbed to coal dust in lungs

  2. Of course, if the likes of Mr Child had been around then, they would not have been allowed to mine coal, cos it pollutes the atmosphere, and contaminates the water supply!!!!!!

  3. 19.18 Ah, coal polluting the water, are you perhaps referring to here to the pollution of Pegwell bay an international significant wetland, where the hoverport was built on foundations made of coal slag that is now leaching carcinogenic benzenes into the water, yes I suppose it’s a pity I hadn’t been around to try and stop that.

    Peter it's very nearly in Thanet, it was once on the opposite shore of the Wansum, I am glad you are enjoying the old photographs, there will be more later today.

    21.16 you could try Peter’s website, you may find it less boring I was pleasantly surprised that it wasn’t terribly pink.

    19.18 & 21.16 I would refer you to Terry Pratchett’s comments on multiple exclamation marks, however I do not wish to appear rude.

  4. But, and no disrespect is intended, Terry Pratchett does have altzhiemers, and therefore may not be the worlds greatest reference source on the use of english

  5. 16.30 True but he didn’t when he wrote Masquerade

  6. My Grandfather worked here until his death in 1966 his name was Robert Keen


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