Sunday, 1 June 2008

Moaning Minnie

Many thanks to the Gazette this week for publishing a review of Steve and Alan Moore’s book, Moaning Minnie Thanet's Civil Defence Sirens, which I publish.

Click here for more about the book Sirens covered include the following: Dane Valley Road, Margate. South Eastern Road, Ramsgate. Coffin House Corner, Margate. Jolly Farmer PH, Manston. Southwood Road, Ramsgate. Cherry Orchard PH, Ramsgate. Northdown Road, Margate. North Foreland Golf Course, Broadstairs. Crow Hill, Broadstairs. High Street, Minster. Victoria Road, Margate. Manston Airfield, Manston. Sarre Mill, Sarre. Minnis Road, Birchington. Beacon Road, Broadstairs. Hartsdown Bridge, Margate. Northdown Road, Cliftonville. Downs Road, Ramsgate. Dumpton Station, Ramsgate. Osbourne Avenue.

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