Monday, 30 June 2008

More Model village and shopping experience

I post with some trepidation as my last post on this subject prompted a senior councillor to comment that he thought Ramsgate was horrible place to shop, not particularly helpful in what are difficult times for town centre shops.

Perhaps some of you have thoughts on the local shopping experience both in the Thanet towns and the miracle that is Westwood Cross, yes of course I can sympathise I don’t imagine that the businesses in the ubiquitously abbreviated WC can be entirely happy with the infrastructure.

Car parking is an issue also raising some problems, free parking experiments for Margate, although not for Ramsgate as one would expect and at WC the shops not exactly teeming when all the parking spaces occupied.

Well enjoy the pictures of the model village

You can also avoid the whole business of shopping and buy our local history books online post free. However personally I consider a good browse in a bookshop a much more gratifying experience.


  1. That's the problem though - especially with you. If I get inside your shop it can be hours before I leave again often carrying a heavy bag of new purchases. All that lovely paper based product is just too tempting for the likes of me (especially the Terry Pratchett section darn you).

    On a more serious note - I intend to reference this post in a "summary" I am working on. Is the other post to which you allude still online? If so a link would be smashing.


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