Friday, 6 June 2008

Flogging off the TDC owned buildings in Ramsgate

Malcolm has just sent me his comments on the Ramsgate asset disposal for publication, he has some interesting thoughts, click here to read them.


  1. I think it is only right that they sell the buidings off. PEOPLE ARE MORE IMORTANT. You can't drink bricks.

  2. We do know what is happening to Ramsgate Maritime Museum it's closing! The decision has been made and what has anyone done to stop the rot?

  3. To stop the rot? We got up a petition, had folk queuing up to sign, it was sent to the council and.......ignored. No wonder people get disillusioned and don't bother to vote.

    In Broadstairs on a bitterly cold February day, nearly 200 folk in an hour signed. We could have got more but the deadline to get the petition in was extremely short. Like most consultations this council organise, the timescale is very short and you need to get moving immediately.


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