Thursday, 5 June 2008

Chinese to introduce paddy fields in Thanet.

I have just been reading the flood assessment for the China Gateway the report on the surface water drainage trenches, this report was carried out for the developer and concludes that; Outflow is too low and the design is unsatisfactory.

After the recent flooding, when it was obvious that both the drainage at Westwood and Thanet Earth proved to be inadequate, I wonder should we be giving planning consent to developers without first ensuring that the development has adequate drainage.

Good drainage is particularly important here in Thanet where we have an underground drinking water reservoir and especially for the China Gateway that as you see from the map will be on top of this reservoir.
Looks like the Environment Agency missed this one too here is what they have to say.

“The Environment Agency has no objection to this proposal on flood risk grounds.The risk of flooding to the development itself is low and the proposed means of surface water disposal to infiltration trenches, with some storage attenuation, would not be expected to increase flood risk elsewhere.”

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