Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Ramsgate Charter Trustees

I just received Ramsgate Charter Trustees accounts from Tim


  1. its a boring subject and we don't care! the conservatives spend our money anyway

  2. The figures appear to be accurate,they are of course publically available. We all get a copy with our Council Tax Bill!
    Tim's interpretation is as usual, total rubish, I suggest you remove it for your own reputation.
    Other than the Mayor, Charter Trustees get no money for being a Charter Trustee. The Mayor gets currently £11,777 before tax to cover expences (travel,events,hospiality ect).
    The salaries refered to are for the Mayor's assistant (part time) and driver (for official events)
    The £54,356 shared between 28 recipients refers to the Ramsgate fund, and the recipients are not
    charter trustees, but worthy groups in the town of Ramsgate that apply for a grant.

  3. David, for once I am in total agreement with your comments

  4. Thanks David and Ken, I will however leave Tim’s interpretation otherwise neither of your comments will make sense. I feel that behind this is everyone’s frustration at the delay of the parish council, silly really for TDC to alienate so many people who care strongly about Ramsgate by delaying it.

    Frankly I am not at all sure that now the people of Ramsgate have voted for a parish council who would then decide if we should have a mayor and who that mayor should be, that we should have a mayor until after the parish council elections.

  5. Thanet should have a parish council for the island

  6. We have ,
    Its called Thanet District Council


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