Wednesday, 18 February 2009


Thanet district Council press release

New figures show Thanet is top in Kent for improvements in tackling a range of different crimes.
The figures look at the work of each of the different Crime and Disorder Reduction Partnerships between April and December 2008, compared to the same period a year before, with Thanet seeing improvements in ten different types of crime.

That’s better than any other area of the county, with Tonbridge and Malling in second place with improvements in nine different categories.

The areas that seen improvement are all crime, violent crime, burglary, serious gun crime, vehicle crime, theft of and theft from vehicles, criminal damage, crime in the night-time economy and the results from the Kent Crime and Victimisation Survey.

Chief Inspector for Thanet, Rob Vinson, said: “This is excellent news. The Partnership has done a huge amount of work over the last year to reduce crime and anti-social behaviour in Thanet and these figures show that this work is making a real difference.”

Community Safety Manager Mark Richardson from the Thanet Community Safety Partnership said: “It’s particularly pleasing to see areas that we’ve targeted a lot of resources into appearing on this list. The reduction in violence in the night-time economy can only have been helped by our campaign to improve safety along Marine Terrace in Margate, for example, while the decrease in criminal damage has no doubt been partially due to the measures we’ve taken to tackle the problem of graffiti.”


  1. Has no-one grasped the reality that Marine Terrace has now become a shadow of its former self and that the 'night'life' in Margate has been hit severely by the opening of an alternative 'night -time' centre at Westwood Cross?

    No wonder Marine Terrace has got quieter in terms of 'crime'; less vistors from outside Margate and less locals on a Friday and Saturday night means less'aggro'. If we want further 'crime' reduction in Margate, the 'dead' town it has become will continue to produce good statistics other than perhaps for 'arson'.

  2. Bertie I was woken up the other night at 2.30 am by drunken shouting in the street outside, I called the police who phoned me back half an hour later to ask if it was still going on, which it was.

  3. That was very considerate of them, Michael but I am sure a police presence on the ground to answer their own question would have been more appropriate!
    Are you sure the operators at Maidstone know where Ramsgate is?

  4. Those figures you have there belie the fact that being shockingly bad any improvement is meteoric. For example: An improvement of 1 solved to 5 is a 400% improvement and so "better" than 80 solved to 88 which is a 10% improvement. Numbers incorrectly applied can easily be used to tell lies or hide facts.

  5. Matt - we've overall crime aprox 13900 to 13000. 900 less crimes in Thanet

    Not groundbreaking but a good step in the right direction.

    We are also improving at a faster crime reduction rate than any other in kent.

    Kind regards
    Mark Richardson
    Community Safety Manager


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