Monday, 23 February 2009


Thanet district Council press release

Local residents are facing the prospect of two one day strikes (Friday 27 February and Monday 2 March), which would leave them without waste and recycling collections.

The action will see a small number of GMB union members, who work in the waste and recycling team, go out on strike on the two days in a dispute over salary grades and the council’s job evaluation process. Thanet District Council has called in the conciliation service ACAS to try and intervene to solve this dispute without the need for strike action.

The two one day strikes are planned for Friday 27 February and Monday 2 March. Residents are being advised not to put anything out for collection on strike days, as there is unlikely to be any collection of household waste or recycling on these days.

If you are on a black bag collection, residents are asked to keep their waste until the following week and then put it out as normal on their usual day of collection. Black sacks should not be left outside if they have not been collected.

Those on a wheeled bin scheme are being asked to put both bins out for collection the following week on their usual day of collection. Priority will be given to emptying the black lidded waste bins during that collection.

Cllr. Shirley Tomlinson, Cabinet Member for Commercial and Environmental Services, said: “The Council is committed to trying to resolve this dispute without the need for industrial action. We are exceptionally disappointed that the possibility of strike action is looming for our residents, as it will affect one of the council’s key frontline services. We have met with ACAS to try and resolve this dispute, but so far we’ve been unable to reach an agreement. The dispute is over salary grades and the council’s job evaluation process. It’s something we’ve been working to try and solve for some months now, but sadly, there is no simple solution that we can put in place in this situation.”

“We would like to apologise to residents for the inconvenience that this action will undoubtedly cause and we will continue to work to resolve this before the first strike. However, if the strike goes ahead, then the message to our residents is not to put anything out for collection on a strike day.”


  1. In the present climate they should count themselves lucky to have a job

  2. Laurence Davies RamsgateFebruary 23, 2009 6:05 pm

    I did not mean to appear as anonymous
    I repeat my comment they should count themselves lucky to have a job in the present climate.

  3. Totally agree, there are hundreds of companies in the local area, laying off staff, reducing the working week and initiating pay freezes.
    Why does this section of the council think they are above that - bloody disgusting. There should be a no strike clause in their contracts.

  4. I take the opposite view, working conditions must be bad for any worker to consider taking strike action in this present climate.

  5. I am not privy to the arguments in this dispute but I must go on record as a 'houeholder' who has had nothing but exemplary service from our 'bin' crews. The speed they work at, whether bin bags or wheelies, has impressed me. I hope they are not seeing 'pay screwed down'by TDC. The rubbish collection service is a TDC success story as far as I am concerned and I hope it is kept that way.

  6. So here we go again. We (the family) instigate a proper regime of Reduce, Reuse and Recycle then have it screwed up yet again (it also happened at Xmas). What is the use of a blue bin if its contents are not being recycled.

    Time to make other arrangements and get my council bill reduced


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