Monday, 23 February 2009

ECR has gone

I am always making peace with my children, any thoughts on this one?


  1. Said He's Off to Canada on twitter

  2. On an island where black people can still walk into a pub and be called a 'Kaffir', where waitresses still get their arses patted by fat, drunken businessmen and where the council can do a fair impersonation of a banana republic, I don't think there's much room for an ECR, do you?

    And when people pull crap on you like 'I've lived in Thanet for 50 years so obviously my opinion counts for so much more than yours', it's the tin hat on the old cranium!

    And yes, I'm off to Canada on a shoot. By boat, before anyone asks!

  3. When bloggers go bad ECR

  4. I hope ECR returns to blogging at some time. Reading it gave me some hope that there are one or two sane people living in Thanet.

  5. Elk or Deer old chap i favour the old Rigby, what's your favourite choice...the woodmaster perhaps!!

    Both are out of season here on the Isle de Bung


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  7. "Gaffer" ECR. It is irony based on a Powellian speech about whip hands.

    Toilet Toilet Toilet Hearing Aid.

    Businessmen in Thanet ? It is a local Yeti myth. There are no businessmen in Thanet.

    The fat b******s patting waitresses' arses are DSS fraud investigators.

    And as for being bothered by someone who has lived in Thanet for fifty years. Look what they did with the place ! But, to mitigate, for around 48 of that fifty years they been drinking cyclohexanone cordial.

    Thanet Council ? Top of a pile of c*** is still c***. Thanet.

    Anyway Best wishes You'll be back

    Arnie Warts the Beggar

  8. Arnie I have moderated your language a little with *** as my and other children read this blog, try and keep the language moderate please.

  9. The Ego has left the building

  10. Richard when this blog passed the 200 readers a day mark I realised that there comes a point where social and moral responsibility becomes a factor, we need the function that ECR performs and quite honestly I don’t think anyone else is capable of doing it.

    Anyway I have knocked you off but wish you would reconsider.

  11. Don't sell yourself short Michael.

    There are issues which, by far, you are the best person to blog.

    There is, for example, the potentially forthcoming matter of cyclohexonanone binding irreversibly to oestregen receptors in female biochemistry. And whether this may be a causative factor in Thanet's double the national average rate of ectopic pregnancy. Issues like that need an identifiable blogger of gravitas. That is you Michael Bibliobloke.

    ECR is a master of his craft and has provided us with many laughs (Sister Assumpta is my wife's favourite on his blog). He has not made a spit in the wind of difference for the people of Thanet unless you count providing a good laugh.

    His effective role was in directing people's attention to other blogs.


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