Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Have a glass of Thanet's benzene, toluene and Aromasol (a mixture of aromatic hydrocarbons).

Bit embarrassing today, I know in a while someone will come along and say big Boeings don’t crash on the field near airports, ever.

pic nov 13 1921 scouts mayors day church parade st Geo church


  1. Michael
    The last time this happened in Holland a few years ago, I recall, it was because the aircraft had not reset it's altimeter on leaving the transition level to the Schipol field altitude which I think is below sea level. Anyway, to cut a long story short the ILS dutifully followed the approach altitude in low visibility but was about 600 feet out and guess what, exactly the same thing happened but at three miles from the end of the runway.

    This rather got me thinking this morning but I can't believe that lightnining strikes twice; it's such an unbelievable error at the best of times!

    Either that or perhaps it ran out of fuel?

  2. Simon do you have any thoughts on no more crops in this corner of the garden of England? You know how big the tanks are and yes they have a digger ready, I in the corpses?

  3. Did you notice the fuel tanks were intact. Schipol is one of the world's busiest airports and there have been no previous accidents in at least the last decade. Of course one will crash near Manston one day, eventually one will crash everywhere! But in the meantime there will be hundreds, if not thousands of car crashes near Manston. So what do we do about that?

  4. Is the Thor Chemical pollution as a result of neglect, lack of knowledge or lack of enforcement?

  5. What do you reckon to them having a fire in recent times then Michael ?

    We sneered at Rick back when Simon ran his Thor's Hammer thread about the fire. Rick and his "Westwood Triangle" Thor, Sericol and Haine anthrax burials.

    Well he has now got Sericol and Thor in the keep net. Will he land Haine ?

  6. Dr Moores, good visibility, still none the wiser, but this could have been in the centre of Ramsgate.

    The airport is in the wrong place. Please admit it.

    20.53 - You really don't get it, do you?

  7. I do get it. Think about London and Heathrow where the final 30 miles of approach to runway 28 is above a densley populated area. At least with Manston a few degrees left or right will take you away from the population.

    Think also about the 50% of all crashes that occur away from airfields. Was Lockerbie built in the wrong place for instance?

    Manston isn't in the ideal place but it has been there for a long time (like Heathrow) without serious incident (like Heathrow), and is the key to local prosperity.

  8. 08.47 About 2,000,000 people disagree with you about Heathrow at the last count.

    An airport flying planes at less than 1,000 feet, down to 200 fett over a popultion of 25,000 people - its not the path to prosperity, its the path to a hounslow like existance.

    Take a visit up there, if you are allowed to stray that far from home.

  9. With regards to your query regarding the number of permits that have been issued to fly to KIA since May 2006, I can confirm that 181 permits have been issued. These were mostly cargo flights.

    This figure is only for flights that require permits. These will have only been issued to foreign registered aircraft from outside the European Economic Area. It is highly likely that further flights will have taken place by foreign operators that would not require permits such as ferry flights, or flights to the maintenance facilities at KIA, so the number of flights undertaken by foreign operators will be far higher.

  10. PLease let me remind you that the issue of protecting environment and aquifer does not belong to any one group, pro or anti Manston expansion.

    The pro expansion group have dodged the issue by demeaning it as simply a foible arrow in the quiver of the anti group.

    Sericol and Thor are powerful precedents supporting Michael's environmental concerns.

    Sericol's massive leak of cyclohexanone has stillnot been subjected to epidemiological study. It is a chemical that binds irreversibly on to oestregen receptors in females. It is a chemical assopciated with developmental toxicant effects. It is a chemical which leaked to aquifer for thirty years whilst there was local water abstraction.

    Anon 2053. If you were commenting on Slugger O Toole, for example, you would probably face a moderator comment for "What aboutery". IE Laughed at.

    But to at least make myself smile this AM.

    Let us hope that the Manston environmental protection equipment, to whit one JCB, is not subject of one of the hundreds of thousands of vehicle accidents you predict eh ?

  11. Well Stop Manston Expansion Group, can I then assume that around 59,000,000 UK residents are OK with Heathrow! Sounds like you're suffering from "not in my back yard" syndrome. I have used the facilities of Heathrow on many occasions and I do have sympathy with the residents of Hounslow. Have you ever been to Windsor Castle and heard the air traffic? I also live directly under the flight path of Manston.

    So, by your reckoning, we should also close Heathrow. Try telling that to the 70,000+ people who work there, the thousands of people employed in knock on jobs, and the millions who fly from there or consume goods imported through there or those that export through there.

    Unless you're campaigning on "Green" issues I think you will agree we need air transport. Manston won't create traffic, it will merely relieve the situation at Heathrow and other airports - or don't you care about the residents of Hounslow.

    Not quite sure what you meant by "if you are allowed to stray that far from home", but it's a very uninformed comment.

  12. 20.53 Indeed I did but they could easily not have been.

    21.14 Things are much better now we have a properly trained and qualified contaminated land officer at TDC, who has the grace to both reply to my emails and not treat me like a complete idiot.

    20.23 The fire was the only Thanet pollution incident that the EA say was major.

    Haine anthrax burials I cant find any reference to consecrated ground there and from scientific point of view I don’t believe they would constitute a significant danger if they exist.

    8.47 You appear to be saying that 50% of air accidents happen at airports, which does rather confirm the risk to the aquifer.

    Rocky the EA tell me due to a mistake in the legislation KCC have dug road drain soakaways in SPZ1, makes you wonder really.

  13. 50% of air accidents happen "in the vicinity" of airfields because aircraft converge on them, and that reflects in the statistics. Very few happen on the airfield. Take into account the circuit, approach and departure routes and we need a fairly large membrane to collect any spillage!!

  14. Michael, I have put some findings on my Blog regarding the Thor site, Somehow I do not belive Thor is entirely to blame.
    In the picture blue Thor chemical containers are stored in the woodland.
    But I am beginning to think the Harvey wet paint line process should be looked into.
    I have put some info on my blog.

  15. 14.04. You obviously have not looked into what a flightpath over a town such as Ramsgate will do.

    Fell free to email us and we'll walk you through it.

    You assume too much. Try asking some questions youself.

  16. I assume too much do I?

    Having lived under the Manston flight path for well over 50 years I base many of my comments on experience, not theoretical possibilities and miss information. Having also held a pilot's licence I am not unaware of the world of aviation. Are you similarly qualified or could you be a "blow in" on a mission?

    I'll decline the invitation to email you, but thanks anyway. You obviously think you are the "Holy Grail" of aviation and I doubt you will be persuaded otherwise. I make my comments in an effort to emphasise that there is another side of the argument. Sometimes this blog appears anti everything, which doesn't make for good debate.

    It would be nice and peaceful if Manston were to close, but we desperately need employment in this area, and Manston appears to be the best bet.

    Just in case you make another incorrect assumption, I'm not desperately seeking employment, I'm comfortably retired - under the flight path.


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