Sunday, 15 February 2009

All cows at the vanishing point

Several different things this week and as it’s Sunday I will just rant away a bit, personal, political all of it really.

First the no smoking law, I have said before that if a big chain bar eatery was to commission a panel of experts to find a way to lobby the government, that would close down the opposition (the traditional English pub) then the no smoking ban is perfect, and totally justifiable.

So being in a traditional English pub at around midnight with snow falling heavily outside, a group of law abiding 30s to 80ish, not a pub much frequented by the youf of today, the landlord eventually looked out, it was hardly deep and crisp and even, but very unpleasant. The types sipping their beer at this time of day, are well of a type, and the landlord looked in, and said, “is their anyone in here who actually doesn’t smoke?” The law abiding broke the law, the discussion meandering around which party one could vote for to get it repealed.

Funny tragic I don’t know, the landlord, local man who had a good business is less concerned about the law in Major, Blair, Brown’s Britain as he is going bankrupt because of this law, no excuse for the rest of them though.

But it does beg some questions about legislation that makes a group of law abiding adults break the law of the land.
I have just commissioned an artist to paint a cover for the Deal book, this involved getting one of my teens who is doing sciences, out of Faraday’s cage for a bit, he recently sold a painting to The Powel Cotton museum. I am not big on freedom of expression when it comes to children, but yes a bed sheet was involved, one of mine as it happens, being the only thing big enough to stretch over the home made stretcher, I won’t bother with a photo of it as its so big you can hardly miss it next time you go.

The Deal picture, based on frontis from the book, which as you will immediately note if you are of the artistic persuasion has something wrong with its forward vanishing point (the right side of the roof is a dead giveaway if you aren’t following this) so much work was done with the protractor and several bits of paper stuck together, before painting could commence.
Still with freedom of expression I am teaching my youngest to play guitar at the moment and told her to choose one of mine that she liked believe me, with that combination of that guitar and amp, when I say it has to be in tune and playing a tune, to be bearable, I really mean it.

I should point out that I am not much of a musician, I never moved from mumbling every god boy…… to all cows eat grass and have virtually no sense of rhythm or pitch, but with an electronic tuner and guitar tablature anyone can learn almost any riff fairly quickly.
The youf of today the towns two grammar 6th formers in this case were a bit miffed, having been spammed relentlessly by the legalised vampires to go and give blood again, as if they needed reminding as a whole group of them go together, when they turned up and there weren’t enough beds and equipment for them all to donate.

The Dover book is all scanned in, was anyone interested in improving their Latin in this way, do you want me to put the rest on the web?

Usury now, any of the other stakeholders in Lloyds TSB fancy picking up 43% of the tab for £120m in staff bonuses?
Jews next, in view of the anti-Semitic attack in this country, this week, the local Anglo Jewish community goes back to the 1700s with Montefiore being the best known here in Ramsgate, his lady produced a cookery book in 1846 and I am conspiring with some of them on reprint. As you can imagine there is much talk of related subjects Gaza for one, the key phrase here is, Anglo Jewish and essentially as much Anglo an Jewish, rather in the way that I am Anglican, St George’s being the church I religiously don’t go to and I wouldn’t not go any where else, so it’s only that I am conspiring on this project that I know that these Ramsgateoneons are also Jews. Their views are as far as I can see the same as the rest of the population, varied yes like all of us, but mostly that it was a stupid over reaction that serves no cause well and what can we do to help the relief fund. Incidentally it would appear, from the book, that the Anglo Jews invented fish and chips.

Pleasurama I have had a good look at the new plans now and I don’t think they can be built, two main reasons, first by putting the raised road at the back it means that the architect has admitted that both the front and the new existing road system are too low and second the EA and now TDC because of the EA seem to be in a position to insist on cliff top escapes.

Our car broke down rather spectacularly this week, gears Speedo fuel gauge electric windows and finally the engine stopped, before we could coax it back with all the shopping in it. The Sky TV box also conked out and no one can face the, if you want to press 4 press 9 extended telephone call to have it put it right.

The new greenhouse gas figures look very bad indeed, my prognosis on this is if the whole world acts promptly and properly on this one we could just about extend the habitable life of this planet from, 50 to 150 years, to, 100 to 300, years. Not a happy thought, and what does it matter if the experts who are predicting the melting of the ice caps and the burning of the rain forests are wrong, if they are right and we don’t act now, we will be no more.
Update the painting is now complete so I will be able to get the book into print this week.


  1. sounds like a bad week car and sky going kapoot I have been unindated with call from sky cos my contract finished and they wanted to sell me insurance next time they phone which I am sure they will I shall point them in your direction. As for the car can I interest you in this one carefull lady owner who used once a week to go to church and 17 others who thashed the life out of it.................Don

  2. Don I don’t believe that Sky stop supporting their customers, we have had it pretty much since it started, I had an old dish to watch Euronews so I could keep up with what our government censor out pretty much from the beginning of satellite TV. Sky have replaced the whole system 3 times, I think you phone calls are a scam to get you to buy unnecessary insurance.

    The car has to be a Volvo estate nothing else will take the children, the recycling and go under the barrier at the tip. Believe me this is something I don’t like but I sold my 5.7 litre Chevy so help save the planet.

  3. Michael, 6 year old volvo xc90's are now under 10k with high mileage. The greatest car ever built. I would say that, I have one.

  4. Steve bought my Volvo estate 4 years ago for £300 tow hook 7 seats and not a lot of trouble. The Chevy £1,000 I sold it after 3 years 1 service and no probs at all for £1,200 frankly everything I have been in car wise since seems a bit pedestrian

  5. you can beat an old 240 with 300 thousand on it I know I had one

  6. Don first one I had was an H reg 145 the twin carb one yep also the one with the long gear stick that took out the child’s eye in Garp, the first time a novel inspired car safety


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