Saturday, 18 June 2011

Love Music Hate Racism Pictures Ramsgate 2011

Here are the links to the pictures.

Sorry about the pictures they were taken and published in rather a rush, I also had a bit of a no photography from on top of the old Refectory, which has been open to the public for as long as I can remember, from some sort of jobsworth, I did take a few pictures but won’t bother to splash him over the internet.

I did viddy a bit and will bung it on YouTube soon.

Here is the first video

I missed the name of the artists, if anyone can help, please comment and I will add it. 

I have put the pictures through autocorrection with the video going up onto youtube they may take a while to appear at


So far we have been pretty lucky with the rain, we had a bit this morning before the event as it were, things have brightened up now as so often happens in Thanet. For a while there I thought it was going to be renamed “Love Ramsgate Hate Rain”

We are entertaining this evening so I won’t be able to get back down there, however I would imagine it will be fun.

Here is the other video

I will add a bit more text


  1. Michael, I know the name but I cannot place the Refectory; where is it?

    Was the jobsworth wearing a high viz jacket?

  2. Michael, I wandered down there. I enjoyed the music, chiefly because it was live. We do not get much music on the front these days. Staging it outside the Pav must have cheered the ghosts of Ramsgate Past inside.

    It is a pity that it had to sponsored by a Marxist front organisation. Yes, there were union members on the stalls pushing Marxist pamphlets.

  3. I was there pretty early and, after 90 minutes of faffing about covering stuff in plastic and gaffa taping all manner of things against the inclement weather, some woman appeared and said the show was cancelled. That was about about 1.30, 1.40. But it looks like some kind of live music happened, though not the acts scheduled to appear, from what I can make out.

    Had I known something would go ahead I'd have hung around. But they said it was off. So off I went to the Big Event.

    All in all a complete shambles.

  4. John the Refectory it the building cut into the chalk in front of Kent Terrace and opposite the Pavillion, now having an incarnation as an amusement arcade, the top of it forms part of the ground level in front of Kent Terrace and for years had an assortment of vehicles parked on it.

    As for the Marxist influence, Carl Marx was a regular visitor to Ramsgate so this event also has historical connections. Here in Ramsgate we welcome socialist and capitalist spending with equal enthusiasm.

    10.08 the event publicity said it would start a 2pm which is when I turned up and when the event started, I suspect you were the victim of a Marxist plot. In one of Marx’s letters he complains about the weather to Engles about the weather in Ramsgate so perhaps this is some sort of theosophical justice, divine rain?

  5. The bumf I saw (in various places) definitely said 12 noon and sure enough, there was a fairly large gathering there by that point, with an announcer apologizing for the late start - that was around 12.15, so clearly it had indeed been intended to start earlier.

    Or maybe that's just was the Marxists had wanted some of us to think ;)

  6. Yes, OK, I accept the jibes about my reference to Marxist propaganda. I expect you think that I am making too much of this and that it is all really just harmless fun. It is not, in my experience. I have lived and worked in Marxist states and my wife grew up in one. In my experience Marxism is no joke. I have seen it bring misery to those who are unfortunate to exist under its malign system.

  7. Marxist revolution in Ramsgate! Gosh, wish I'd been there! Come to Broadstairs next.

  8. Right, Mr. Anonymous 1, the woman who said it was cancelled, was saying that her set was cancelled.

    John Holyer, of course it's fronted my Marxists, because it's the right way forward, do you even know anythign about Socialism or Marxism, or do you just think of Russia when you hear those words?

    Michael, it was set to start at 12 noon but due to weather problems, we could not start until that was all sorted out.

  9. How ironic. Love Music Hate Racism, organised by political bigots. Tell me, what is the difference between hating a man because of the colour of his skin and hating a man because of his political beliefs?
    Like John I have seen Marxism at work, and no, not just in the USSR. It is a belief of dreams and like its right wing opposite, will always be corrupted by men.


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