Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Margate Football Club new plans for 80 bed hotel 11 all weather pitches etc submitted

The plans are on the council’s planning website planning ref F/TH/11/0428 the main plan is the one above, click on it to enlarge it.

There may have been a council press release about this, of course as an unaccredited news source I wouldn’t know.

 I will expand on this one if I get time.

Here comes the promised expansion, this is a Margate issue and doesn’t really effect me, also it is something that I don’t really know much about, this is how I read the situation and I would be glad if anyone would correct me in the comments.

My understanding is that some residents are concerned that putting the new artificial pitch where the club want to will fragment the park. This has all got tangled up with the club wanting to improve the facilities on the existing football ground site, something that I don’t think anyone was against.

Enter the council and everyone will have to abide by their rules, regardless of whether the result is beneficial to the club, the park users or Margate, stir in a few solicitors, get everyone’s backs up and you have the current situation.

I think Margate could easily end up with the park fragmented and the club facilities not improved.   

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  1. Hi Michael, here is a comment from the MFC forum today explaining what is going on here:

    "Basically, Travelodge require room sizes that are slightly smaller than the ones incorporated in the original approved planning application. So to comply with Travelodge’s needs the developer has applied to TDC for a section 73 for minor amendments.

    "The overall impact is to reduce the length of the core building by a couple of meters which means it can be dealt with by officers and not the full planning process.

    "Keith is planning to make a statement at the club’s AGM in July - initially to shareholders and asap after to supporters generally."


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